5 ways retirement planning is like an NBA game

photo(6)Teamwork, timing, and execution are all part of retirement planning. And, as I observed last night, they are also important elements of a National Basketball Association (NBA) game.

Yes, it’s time for another of my analogies. This time, I was inspired by a game between the Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic, which the Celtics won by a score of 120-105.

The common features I noted were as follows.

  1.  Players are on both offense and defense. Granted, last night’s final score shows that both teams were somewhat short on defense. Still, staying one step ahead of potential obstacles is an important strategy. In retirement planning, this may be in the form of a contingency fund or low-risk investments. Handling the defense well may enable one to take more risks on the offense.
  2. Keep your eye on the clock. Although real-life retirement planning does not come in 24-second spurts, the execution of a plan should be undertaken as soon as possible. Use this time wisely; every moment counts. And, keep in mind that the window of opportunity may be cut short by an unplanned event.
  3. Rebound, rebound, rebound. If you make a mistake, there’s a chance to catch it immediately and try again. Don’t let one missed opportunity derail your run toward retirement.
  4. Understand the risk-reward trade-off. A three-pointer can be exciting; yet, just as in real life, rewards are not as easy as they look. Sometimes, it’s worth it to take a little longer to reach a more likely, but smaller, result. Sometimes, it’s not. That’s why investors should consult their advisors, as the latter have the skills to handle a variety of situations that may arise.
  5. Saving the most important for last, teamwork leads to strong results. In last night’s game, four of the five Boston starters scored at least 16 points each, and the team combined for 28 assists. Yet, not all of the teamwork is on the court. Even before the game, plans are developed, analyzed, and explained by expert advisors. Good coaching—or advising—continues throughout the length of the game, and provides expert ways to refocus as needed.

This is just a short list of comparisons I jotted down last evening. Please feel free to add to this list by using the comment box. (And, for those wondering, the photo was taken from the first row of section 303 in Boston’s TD Garden.)